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Transportation and forwarding services

Eim Express, s. r. o. (Ltd.) provides transportation and freight forwarding services across the European Union as well as in Switzerland and Norway.
Our company carries out:

Express shipment delivery

Your shipment will be delivered as soon as possible, within 24 hours, to almost anywhere in Europe, within 1,600 km. Delivery to more distant destinations, such as Portugal, Finland, Sweden or Spain, may take up to 48 hours.

Special transportation - just in time

Your shipment will be delivered at the agreed time directly to the production process. Advantages of just-in-time services:

  • continuous supply
  • no unnecessary inventory in stock
  • minimizing costs

Courier services

Your shipment will be delivered within two to four days to your designated location for the lowest price.

ADR transportation

ADR transportation class 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9. All drivers are properly instructed and all vehicles are equipped for ADR transportation.

The forwarding services will arrange shipment of your goods from 1 kg to 24,000 kg to Europe.
We will meet your requirements for both export and import in the shortest possible time.

Volné vozy / Current availability

25. May 2020

Typ vozidla
Rozměry vozu
Vehicle dimensions
Czech Republic 25.-29.5.2020 nonstop CZ-76 Kroměříž Dodávky 10 europalet / 1400 kg ADR, výška 265 cm, EXPRESS
Czech Republic 25.5.2020 nonstop CZ-76 Kroměříž Solo 23 europalet / 9500 kg ADR, výška 300 cm
Switzerland 26.5.2020 nonstop CH-80 Zürich Solo 23 europalet / 9500 kg ADR, výška 270 cm
Austria 26.5.2020 nonstop AT-68 Dornbirn Solo 23 europalet / 9500 kg ADR, výška 270 cm
Germany 26.5.2020 nonstop DE-78 Singen Solo 23 europalet / 9800 kg ADR, výška 270 cm
Sweden 26.5.2020 nonstop SE-28 Hässleholm Solo 18 europalet / 5800 kg ADR, výška 270 cm

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